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Ocean Team Scandinavia is a Technology Provider to the vast energi industry in transformation

The past years of clients merging, force the markets we serve to demand wide-ranged Special Maintenance Contracters. This is what Ocean Team Group supplies: Not as a man-power company, but as skilled supervisors operating special developped equipment.

The technology range supplied answers the demand of tommorrow in the energy-industry, including the political demand mirroring world-wide climatic visions and goals.

Performing decades of product development, testing and industry supply, Ocean Team Group grows in resources by local and international partnerships, supplying also replicated technologies.

Replicated technologies are well-proved technology transfer from one geographical area to another.

mand iført arbejdstøj

Industrial Pumps designed for aggressive environments

Ocean Team deals with industrial diaphragm and centrifugal pumps from DEBEM, which are specially developed and designed for operation in aggressiveenvironments. The pumps are acknowledged for high operational reliability and excellent performance – pumps that are worth the money.

All products from DEBEM are carefully tested and certified for operation within areas like chemical, food, electronic, galvanic, oil production, petrochemical, paints, biodiesel industries and many others.

Flexible modular design

All pumps are developed in a modular design, which allows custom assembly using components and materials suiting individual customer requirements.

The modular design also simplifies maintenance as spare parts can be used across different types of pumps.

Construction of Customised Pump Solutions

Apart from the sale and distribution of the DEBEM pumps Ocean Team also offers to integrate the pumps in minor or larger pump solutions suitable for the unique need and specifications of the individual customer.

At Ocean Team we have several years of experience with developing and building technical equipment for use in both onshore and offshore industries. Among others we are capable of producing equipment for operation in potentially explosive areas in accordance with following European regulations:

•  EC directive 2006/42/EC (The Machinery Directive)
•  EC directive 97/23/EC (PED Directive)
•  EC directive 94/9/EC (ATEX Directive)

General Features of DEBEM Pumps
•  Corrosion-resistant
•  Easy-to-install, high-performance, reliable and long-lasting
•  User-friendly maintenance and parts replacement
•  Pumps for potentially-explosive atmospheres (ATEX zone 1-2 certification)
•  Pumps for food and pharmaceutical industries (3A certification)
•  ISO 9001 certification


Diaphragm pumps Magnetic drive centrifugal pumps
Transfer pumps Vertical centrifugal pumps




IPCO Pipeline Equipment

Extremely Durable Plugs for Heat Exchangers

Apply IPCO plugs for sealing of tubes in heat exchangers. Ocean Team is distributor of a safe and solid plugging system from IPCO, which is developed for sealing of tube exchangers under the most severe conditions.

IPCO plugs are used for sealing of leaking tubes and as preventive seals. The plugs are tested to withstand high working pressures and are developed in different materials, which ensure a compatible solution no matter the type of tubes.

Safe and Fast Installation

Correct installation of plugs is crucial for efficient sealing of heat exchangers. The plugging system from IPCO contains specially developed equipment for measurement and installation, which ensures correct use and installation of the plugs in heat exchangers.

Ocean Team provides both distribution and rental of the special equipment from IPCO. Contact us for further information.

General Features of IPCO Plugging System
•  Low installed costs compared to welded, explosive or other mechanical plugs
•  Safe, fast and reliable installation
•  No risks of damaging surrounding tubes and materials because of a controlled installation force
•  Enclosed measuring equipment securing correct measuring of the tubes
•  DNV/EC type approved
•  Plug variations in different materials

IPCO Plugs

IPCO Plugs

Hydraulic ram

Measuring equipment

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Combined Pumps is and can be well integrated in to Ocean Team Group’s range of products.

Ocean Team Group A/S represent Combined Corporation Ltd’s interests in Denmark and in Qatar. We wish to collaborate and provide customers with comprehensive sales, rental and services for injection pump skids. To learn more about the Combined Solutions – Visit our Combined Product & Service page

We are ready to assist you with any request, you might have – please Contact