Combined Pumps

Now there’s a way to dramatically improve the performance of your chemical injection plant by ensuring constant chemical flow for your application. Combined Pumps work using a ‘double injection’ system which provides a constant flow of chemical throughout the operation. The unique pump design overcomes one of the biggest problems of standard single action injection methods which cannot guarantee constant flow performance.

Combined Pumps’ unique pumps provide the same level of performance as all other makes, but at much lower speeds. The pumps are specifically designed to dramatically reduce downtime, saving operators untold man hours of downtime every year.

The unique design allows Combined Pumps to work at half the speed of a typical alternative – greatly reducing wear and tear.

All pumps and systems are:
:: ATEX Compliant
:: Manufactured from high quality 316 stainless steel

All pumps and systems have:
:: Interchangeable piston sizes
:: High quality ceramic materials for all key moving components
:: Unique sealing systems available in different materials

All pumps and systems are used:
:: Globally – by oil companies, chemical companies, service companies and by anyone who needs a reliable low maintenance pump that fits their application.

The skids are fabricated from stainless steel, just like all pipework and fittings as well as skipframes are manufactured from stainless steel.

The three different piston sizes that are available are constructed from a high temperature and wear resistant solid ceramic.

The suction and discharge check valves have ceramic balls and seats. CONSTANT FLOW The unique double plunger system ensures a constant flow of chemical even at low injection rates.

All Combined Pumps and skids are ATEX compliant.

All standard skids come complete with stainless steel frames.

P1 units have a retractable handle and wheels whereas the P2, P3 and P4 units come with forklift pockets.

All come with non-return valves, pressure gauges, drip trays, stroke counters and pressure relief valves.

Plungers are state-of-the-art ceramic to reduce wear and tear on the custom-made polyethylene hydraulic seals.

Discharge pipework on the P1 skids is compression fitting and rated to 6,000 psi. Discharge pipework on the P2, P3 and P4 skids are 9/16” medium pressure rated to 20,000 psi.