Cooler Flushing

Ocean Team has developed equipment, methods and technologies that efficiently clean a wide variety of systems including coolers.


An employee getting a reading for the Cooler Flushing process.Life extension of wind turbines to benefit for the wind farm owners is a core business for Ocean Team Windcare. Cleaning and refitting coolers is a part.

Keeping the recommended temperature in the lube oil and water system is significant for the lube oil and cooling liquids inhibitors lifetime.

However, the harsh environment for offshore turbines impacts the cooling systems performances over time. Meaning, replacement of oil and cooler liquids may be needed. Retrofitting the cooler system, to maintain a proper working temperature benefitting for the lubrication and reducing risks for overheating causing break downs or even fires, extends efficiently working parts lifetime.

Contamination and Raised Temperatures

Lubricating oil systems may be affected and contaminated due to water, metal particles, stain and rust etc. occurring in the system over time. Accumulated contamination may lead to reduced flow and thereby this increasing working temperatures reducing the lubrication and affecting components life time.

An Ocean Team employee fitting hoses to a cooling system.Benefits of prober temperatures in your cooling system:

•  Extended lifetime for the oil and cooler liquids itself
•  Improved lubrication for moving mechanical parts
•  Longer lifetime for converters and Electronics
•  Reducing risks for break downs or even fire in components

Download flyer – Chemical Cleaning Generator
Download flyer – Chemical Cleaning of Windturbine Oil Coolers

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