The vision of Fluitec is “A Fill-For-Life World”. Meaning a mission of making the world a cleaner place through Fill-For-Life to ensure a positive impact on the environment. To do that, Fluitec had to change the mind-set of business’ ways of thinking about their lubricants and fluids, making them assets rather than an expense. To obtain this vision Fluitec has created innovative solutions.

When choosing to Fill-for-Life it is not only the life of the oil, which is maximized, but also the life of the rotating equipment.

So how do you Fill-for-Life?
Knowing the root cause of oil degradation and perceiving oil as an asset, it is possible to maximize the life of lubricants with proactive maintenance. By Fluid Enhancement, Contamination Control and Condition Monitoring, or a combination of all three, it is possible to maximize the life of the lubricants.

Why Fill-for-Life?
When changing oil, it is a costly process, both financially and environmentally – not only in manhours and buying price for the oil, but also the amount of used CO2, when oil is drilled out, pumped to shore and transported to the destination. Furthermore, the environmental impact, when 98-99% of base oil is wasted, is also worth considering, when choosing a Fill-for-Life solution. Therefore, there are several benefits when Filling-for-Life:

  • No down-time results in saving money over the lifetime of the machine. Oil service can be done during operations.
  • Positive impact on the environment.
  • Reduces Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Proactive – before varnish becomes a real issue.
  • Save money, as there are limited waste handling fees and limited need to buy new oil.

We cannot emphasis enough, how Fluitec offers a financially and environmentally advantage by introducing Fill-for-Life.


Picture of Fluitec´s value propositions in Fill-For-Life. Fluid Enhancement, Contamination Control and Condition Monitoring.