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Maximize Asset Life
– Leading technology and expertise improve lubricant performance and plant reliability.

Contamination and leaks are not the only problems you may encounter with lubricants, however, varnish, which is caused by oxidation, can cause downtime, or in worst-case scenarios, catastrophic failure of a system.
As a complement to oil flushing and as an aim of proactive maintenance, Ocean Team Group has now taken Fluitec products into our service performance and become a partner of Fluitec.

Fluitec’s leading technology monitors and maintains in-service lubricants, contributing to optimization of reliability and productivity of rotating equipment.

From Root Cause Analysis to Proactive Maintenance
When the oil in-service is not performing as expected or failing prematurely an examination is needed. By understanding the root causes of varnish build-up and oil degradation, the impact on the rotating equipment is understood and problem-solving operation is projected.

Obtaining full understanding of what has happened, is happening and, more important, make sure it does not happen again, is a key component in reducing risk and increasing reliability. As a result, the key-note is to create a proactive maintenance strategy through the Fill-for-Life program.

 The Core Technologies
Three core technologies maximize asset life by improving lubricant performance and plant reliability: Fluid Enhancement, Contamination Control and Condition Monitoring.

Fluid Enhancement

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To improve the performance of the lubricant, Fluitec developed customized blends of chemistry, also known as ‘Boost’. The technology replaces depleted additives in oil – making the oil operate at peak levels for a prolonged time, in some cases even the life-time of the plant. Additionally, the ‘Boost VR’ removes varnish deposits from the rotating equipment.

Contamination Control

Drop wih an arrow pointing upThe Contamination Control includes oil degradation, varnish, water, acidity, dissolved metals and particulates. By using chemical filtration, the ESP, also known as Electrophysical Separation Process, an advanced varnish mitigation technology, the system will be optimized, and lubricants life-time will be extended. The ESPs customized filtration media captures the soft contaminants, which, in time causes varnish, meaning the degradation species in the oil are removed before the system is damaged. ‘Endure IX’ removes all phosphate ester fluid degradation products, including strong and weak acids, gels and varnish. The technology brings the fluid acidity back to its optimal condition. ‘Vita’, meaning life in Latin, is a technology, based on ESP, and accommodating ‘ENDURE IX’ and Depth Media-elements to maximize the life of fluids. ‘Vita’ removes the most damaging soft and hard contamination in fluids.


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Condition Monitoring

Monitoring the oil has proven to be an important tool in the predictive technology. When oil is seen as an historical archive it will give a clear and documented information about the health of the lubricant and its system. Through analysis with the RULER, it is possible to measure the Remaining Useful Life of oils by measuring the remaining active antioxidants. It creates a complete picture of the fluid’s antioxidant condition and consequently the health of the lubricants. The MPC technique monitors both hard and soft contamination in lubricating and hydraulic fluids. The test method allows you to measure the varnish potential and consequently the health of the                                                              lubricant. The tests are an important tool in the Fill-for-Life program, as is the Fluid Enhancement and Contamination Control.