Liquids and Chemicals

As a part of Ocean Team Windcare’s toolbox, are liquids and chemicals used for refilling systems, chemical cleaning, lubrication, and preservation etc.

In most processes, the liquids and chemicals are crucial for the life time of a system and the used in e.g. ultrasonic or chemical cleaning. Based on Ocean Team Group’s experience over decades, we have identified ideal cleaning and lubrication products and modified the formula over time for improved results.

Today, we have Ocean Team labelled products of which some even are ingredients in our patented solutions.  Examples are our grease replenish enabling flushing grease out of bearings, and our cleaning and conservation product 6C (Chemical Cleaner and Conservator for Contamination in Coolers and Converters).

Ocean Team’s grease replenish and 6C products provide the best result by the process designed by Ocean Team Windcare’s engineers. Therefore, the technical equipment and processing together with the chemicals and skills of our dedicated technicians, are all parts of the solution provided by Ocean Team Windcare.

Ocean Team products are developed over time in cooperation with chemistry experts, multinational oil companies, and consultants approving the result of our solutions. Our level of experience is validated by an extensive list of references including world leading industrial and energy companies operating on- and offshore in a wide range of business segments.

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