Maintenance Program

Maintenance ProgramWith rising costs and tighter deadlines, the need for effective maintenance strategies is greater than ever. Improve your maintenance program with Ocean Team Group’s Contamination and Fluid Condition Monitoring Program which includes technical recommendations for optimizations.

Similar to blood samples, just a small sample of oil can show signs of contamination, degradation and/or wear and tear. In machinery the oil sample will carry particles of metallic debris, which can give indications of any wear patterns, which may be occurring in your system. By using state of the art instruments we determine what the particles consists of and in what concentration they occur which indicates which part of the machinery is wearing abnormally fast. Information generated from an oil analysis can be used for prediction of future problems with the oil or machinery, before it becomes fatal and even long before the maintenance engineer notices. This enables you to plan an efficient and optimal preventive maintenance program – saving you from costly downtime while minimizing your maintenance and repair costs.

Which Analyses do We Offer?
To help you with planning a efficient and preventive maintenance program we have a wide variety of analyses. Our analyses ranges from basic contamination checks to full-blown oil condition analysis, whereby we perform lubricant condition checks to tell whether your system oil is fit for further use. Ocean Team’s routine testing program includes among others analysis of wear metals, ISO 4406 particle count, viscosity, wear metals, and colour. Beside our routine testing program, we offer a range of additional analyses, which are specially recommended to be performed at least biannually on in-service turbine oils:
• Foaming sequence: ASTM D892
• Demulsification number: IP 19
• Emulsibility: ASTM D1401
• Rust prevention characteristics: IP 135 A&B
• Air release: IP313
• Oxidation stability (RPVOT): ASTM D2272
• Acid number: ASTM D664
• Varnish potential: patch colourimetry
• Water content: Karl Fischer method
• Flash point closed cup: ASTM D93
• Ruler

Website Result Access
You will receive the test results as a pdf attachment to a specified email addresses. We also offer client specific passwords which allows customers to access a complete historical database of their all sample results and reports from a single place. Results are uploaded every day and the first page check allows you to check the status of recently uploaded results. With this data you can plan a maintenance program that can keep your production running longer than it otherwise would. Results can be displayed by site for users who wants to sample from multiple locations, and sample reports can be searched by many properties including equipment make, model serial number or oil grade. As well as viewing all test samples and results submitted online, other aspects of our oil analysis services can be accessed, including:
• Online trending
• Creation of individual unit or multiple plant
sampling schedule
• Print sample bottle labels
• Online registering samples before sending them off
• Optional support from lubrication analyst, NDT LA 2

Is Your Oil Analysis Truthful?
The reliability of an oil analysis dependens very much on how the oil test sample is obtained from the system and how it is treated afterwards. To help you with securing reliable test results, Ocean Team offers our assistance with representative oil sample procurement in accordance with ISO/API/ASTM/DIN standards. Misleading results from oil analyses can result in inefficient and/or wrongful maintenance of your systems. A reliable contamination monitoring program secures the most optimal  for your systems.

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