Offline filtration

Offline filtrationOffline hydraulic oil filters have the task of performing, well, offline filtration. In other words, filtering the operating fluid located in the hydraulic container in a separate circuit, of relieving the oil filters in the main flow and thus of increasing the availability of the system while simultaneously reducing the operating costs. Our Total Purity strategies maximize uptime, productivity and prevent costly fluid contamination-related failures. But too many systems have insufficient filtration, or worse off, no filtration at all; this creates the need for a whole range of offline particulate filtration solutions. Conditioning offline extends the life of the critical on-board pump discharge and the reservoir protects the pump inlet, eliminating the need for suction strainers that can cause pump cavitation. Let’s take a look at the different types of offline filtration products, dedicated and mobile.

Dedicated Offline Filtration
If you are dealing with a high viscosity gearbox it’s more effective to perform filtration offline so that the flow rate and filter can be optimally sized for the pressure drop and element life without losing efficiency. This means that you can filter high viscosity fluids through an oversized filter, at a slow rate, and get a very clean end result.

After filtration is completed you don’t need to discontinue filtration to change the filter. By turning off the kidney loop you can change elements and straight away continue your filtration operation. With a dedicated system you can be sure that your fluids are always clean and your systems are protected.

Offline Filtration On The Go
Mobile filtration systems are valuable tools in the fight for “Total Purity” and are ideal for use in fluid transference and on-site service work. Mobile filtration systems can range from smaller units for small gearboxes, to filter carts optimized for hydraulic applications and bigger units for filtration of high viscosity fluids or highly contaminated fluids.

Staged filtration, meaning two filters connected in series, lets you filter out water and particles in one filtration pass allowing you to move on to the next task faster. Mobile filtration systems will typically be made for wear and tear, meaning robust parts and quality components such as cast iron gear pumps and non-shredding wheels that lets you get your filtration to where ever you need it.

Benefits of implementing offline filtering
If you choose to implement offline filtering you have now committed to the best way of ensuring “Total Purity” in your fluids. This in turn causes your systems to run more efficiently and lowers chances of breakdowns in production. Another advantage is that the offline filters allow for recirculation of the fluids meaning it removes even more contaminants from the fluids being passed through over time.

Another benefit of having a dedicated offline system is that it can be used as a three-way valve for topping of fluid levels in your systems. This ends up turning your offline filtration system into a fluid transferring system. This allows for filtration at the same time so that you never introduce any contaminants from new fluids to your systems.

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