Product Development

Dynamic Product Development


Reliable Diagnosis and Dynamic Product Development
Ideas, development, design, engineering and construction of customized solutions.

Our inhouse technical innovators in Denmark, constantly, develop and improve cleaning methods in order to meet our customer’s needs the most efficient way. Our methods are well documented, and development of new cleaning methods are customized, securing high professional quality and derive from a well-developed, creative way of thinking.

Within the Ocean Team organisation, the route from idea, through development and engineering to final product is short. We have gathered a team of entrepreneurs, all of whom are eager to create and improve enterprise and prevent problems. At the same time, we are highly experienced diagnosticians, ensuring that the cause of your problem and the best remedy are always found, greatly improving the reliability of your equipment.

Our team concentrates on developing increasingly efficient, flexible and environment friendly methods to remove contaminant from the energy sector’s technical installations. As far as possible, we implement the same procedures and equipment on various projects. However, it is necessary to tailor processes and equipment to suit specific tasks.

View a portfolio of Ocean Team’s customized equipment solution here

Well Thought-out Equipment – Compact and Mobile
We design our units compact and mobile and in general, they easily fit inside a container for transportation. Moreover, our systems are modular; ensuring flexibility, fast up- and down rig and superior usability. If required, it is possible to operate most of our systems by a single supervisor or technician and thereby, it opens the opportunity to execute a job in direct collaboration with our customer’s own competent staff.

Quality, Safety & the Environment
As we strive to uphold our “Constant Care” and “Nothing Inside” mottos, our team have developed competencies and build up a culture that is distinguished, especially, by our particular efficiency in ad-hoc situations and in our ability to mobilize at very short notice.

As part of our quality assurance demands, all units not in use, are stored as ready (green tagged). For each job, we assess the safety level for our technicians as well as for our customers, while taking all necessary precautions. Similarly, we accord high priority to environmental considerations.

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