ATEX Digital Manometer 439, 440


  • Zero function allows to set any value as a new zero reference
  • Pressure can be indicated in bar, mbar/hPa, MPa, PSI, kp/cm² and (m)H₂O
  • Integrated logging, incl. ambient temperature
  • Battery life for several years continuous logging.

Safety features

  • PTB 05 ATEX 2012 and IECEx PTB 13.0028X
  • II 2G Ex ia IIC T4 Gb

Capacity & performance

Operating temperature 0-50° C
Pressure connection tread ¼” G
Power supply 3,6V Lithium Battery
Long Therm Stability ±0,1mbar

Weight & dimensions

Length 120 mm
Width 76 mm
Height 55 mm
Gross weight 400 g

The digital manometer (0-30 bar) is an autonomous battery powered instrument with digital display, designed to record pressure and temperature over long periods. The manometer is approved per IECEx for use in hazardous areas. The pressure measures and displays once per second (shortest interval). The top display indicates the actual pressure, the bottom display shows the record status

Rental per day*

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