ATEX Flush Unit 447


  • Skid mounted and framed in stainless SS316 steel
  • Forklift facility
  • Various temperature & pressure options
  • Visual differential pressure indicator on the filters.
  • By operating one pump through the relief valve the unit can generate 6 kW heating capacity.

Safety features

  • Strong protective frames
  • Stainless SS316 steel drip trays fitted as standard with drain facilities
  • Adjustable relief valves for all pumps
  • The unit is not suitable for using water based fluids
  • Low level alarm is mounted in reservoir
  • High oil-temperature-switch
  • The unit is approved for operation in Zone 2 gas areas.

Capacity & performance

Cirk flow rate 0-400 l/min at 35 bar
Pulsation / cirk pres Up to 400 l/min /150 bar
Tank capacity 500 l
Oil temperature 0-65 °C
Filter capacity 100μ mesh strainer & 3μ ß200 filter elements

Weight & dimensions

Length 1250 mm
Width 1650 mm
Height 1750 mm
Gross weight 1400 kg

The unit is driven by two 400V, 15kW, 50Hz, EX nA electrical motors each connected to a screw pump with an approximate circ flow of 200 l/min at 35bar, and a 3kW electrical motor connected to a vane pump with a circ flow of 7 l/min at 150 bar, which generates pulsation effect at app 400 l/min. The unit is able to operate with pipe dimensions from 1” to 4” depending on fluid viscosity and temperature, ensuring a pipe system cleanliness level better than ISO 4406 16/14/11 or Nas 1638 Class 5. The pulsation is generated through a 10 l accumulator which is pressurised through the 7 l/min, 150 bar vane pump. The high pressure from the accumulator is then automatically periodically released to the low pressure flushing circulation, which generates a very high turbulent pulsed flow. The pulsations are particularly an advantage in systems with high differential pressure. In order to ensure precise and stable working pressure the unit is provided with a PRV (pressure regulation valve) The starter panel is fitted with on/off push buttons, on/off light indications, emergency stop and 10 meter connecting cable with a 63 A electrical plug.

Rental per day*

€ 175,00

*Please ask for a quotation on long term rentals.

Accessories and consumption materials should be expected.

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