ATEX Power unit 023


  • Articulated wheels mounted for site mobility.
  • Variable pressure and flow options.
  • Suitable for operation in Zone II Area.
  • Fitted with ½” quick connection

Safety features

  • Strong protective stainless SS316 steel framework.
  • Safety valve det pressure 90 bar.
  • Gauges for pressure control
  • Approved for operation in 3G II T3/ ZONE 2

Capacity & performance

Pressure 90 Bar
Flow rate 1-30 l/min
Max. temperature 60º C
Reservoir capacity 60 ltr
Viscocity 32 cSt
Filtration 10 μ

Weight & dimensions

Length 510 mm
Width 750 mm
Height 1100 mm
Gross Weight 166 kg

The unit is driven by a 380 V, 4 kw and 16 Amp EXD electrical motor. The unit is able to operate different kind of hydraulic tools. Example of these system can be, but not limited to, hydraulic pipe cutter and hydraulic portable magnetic drilling machines etc. The unit is integrated with flow regulating valve to adjustable for example speed on a hydraulic motor.

Rental per day*

€ 89,00

*Please ask for a quotation on long term rentals.

Accessories and consumption materials should be expected.

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