Bearing unit 7000124, 135, 156


  • Drip tray and hose basket fitted as standard
  • Individual variable flow
  • Quick connections for easy handling
  • Filter by-pass valve

Safety features

  • Adjustable relief valve
  • Pressure gauges
  • Emergency stop
  • Strong protective ASI316 framework
  • CE marked according to 2006/42/EC

Capacity & performance

Type of fluid Grease dissolving Flushing fluid
Electrical motor 0,75kw, 230V, 16A, 50Hz
Circular Flow 11 l/min
Max. system pressure 10 bar
Filtration 50my mesh screen
Admissible temperature 0 to 100°C"

Weight & dimensions

Length 550 mm
Width 550 mm
Height 740 mm
Gross Weight 150 kg

The small compact flushing unit is driven by a 230 V electrical motor and is especially designed to dissolve and successfully remove old hardened and harmful grease and contamination from bearings in a two (2) stages cycle. 1) Dissolving of old grease 2) Flushing of the bearing with resistant 150 cSt flushing oil during slow bearing rotation. The unit is equipped with a flow manifold to secure similar flow independent of the individual pressure drop of each four (4) bearing injection points. 230V/2000W El heater and Electronic temperature sensor to prevent overheating of bearing gasket. Furthermore the unit is very versatile, safe and can be used for all bearing applications. The unit is equipped with separate 2 x15 l. tank for low lift height

Rental per day*

€ 179,00

*Please ask for a quotation on long term rentals.

Accessories and consumption materials should be expected.

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