Drip tray 7000133


  • Contain up to 1000 liters
  • Collapsible, so it is easy to handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Made strong PVC material

Safety features

  • Oil resistant
  • Strong PVC materials
  • Fits into a tool bag for wind industry offshore

Capacity & performance

Capacity 1000 Liters
Color Black
Style Collapsible tray
Composition PVC

Weight & dimensions

Length 3000mm
Width 3000mm
Height 100mm
Gross Weight 20 kilo

Ocean Team Windcare has made a drip tray which contains up to 1000 liters. The drip tray is collapsible so it is easy to handle and transport which gives you the opportunity to bring it offshore and place under the Ocean Team Windcare equipment. If a small leak happens in the drip tray, the tray is easy to clean. This model can be customized to fit the place to be set.

Price per unit

€ 1.038,00

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