Drying unit 336


  • Suitable for operation in safe area
  • Variable pressure and flow options
  • Articulated wheels mounted for site mobility
  • Forklift facility
  • Independent of site services

Safety features

  • Safety Relief fitted as standard
  • Pressure gauge fitted as standard
  • Emergency switch fitted as standard
  • Adjustable pressure regulating valve
  • Stainless steel protective frame

Capacity & performance

Max. pressure 7,5 bar
Max. pressure dew point -40°C
Outlet port ½”& 2”BSP
Max. noise level (ISO 2151) 65 db(A)
Airflow rate 1000 l/min

Weight & dimensions

Length 1660 mm.
Width 910 mm.
Height 1640 mm.
Gross Weight 447 Kg.

The Air Purge/Drying Unit is integrated with a CX7P Screw compressor which is air-cooled and is powered by a 400V 50Hz, 7,5Kw electrical motor. The compressor is built into a sound proved cabinet integrated with air regulator, pressure relief, start/stop switch and emergency function. The unit also included a cold-regenerated absorptions-dryer which is constructed to removal of the moistness from compressor air down to dew point below -40°C. Final the unit is fitted with a 3 micron filter on outlet port which secures a 100% clean and dry air to system.

Rental per day*

€ 117,00

*Please ask for a quotation on long term rentals.

Accessories and consumption materials should be expected.

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