Extraction Trolley 184


  • Carriage electrically powered w. remote control.
  • Minimizes crane jobs.

Safety features

  • Remote controlled carriage.
  • Barriers around the trolley.
  • Solid build.

Capacity & performance

Max. weight capacity 18.000 kg.
Max. heat-exchanger length 6 m.

Weight & dimensions

Length 13,5 m.
Width 3,35 m.
Height 2,7 m.
Gross Weight 25.000 kg.

The Heat-exchanger extraction trolley is a very useful tool when disassembling/assembling larger heat exchangers. It fixates the heat exchanger on a good and solid base, and still lets us extract the shell from the tubular bundle in an easy and safe way. The trolley is fitted with a track system, with an electric powered carriage, with variable speed. The carriage can be adjusted height wise to fit all kind of tubular coolers. and is operated with a wired remote control for reliability and remote operation. This piece of equipment allows us to disassemble or reassemble the heat exchangers indoor, but if needed the entire setup can including the heat exchanger be brought outside to be cleaned or lifted into/from a basket.

Price per use

€ 2.274,00

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