Pump unit 117


  • Articulated wheels mounted for site mobility.
  • Easy to transport in a van or a pick up.
  • Independent of site service.
  • Suction stranger is fitted as standard.

Safety features

  • Strong protective framework in SS316.
  • Variable thermostat is fitted as standard.
  • Blind hubs and valves closed for all open ends
  • Drip trays is fitted as standard.

Capacity & performance

Max. Flow rating 90 Ltr/min
Max. Pressure 6 bar
Tank capacity 120 ltr.
Max. Temperature 95 ° C

Weight & dimensions

Length 950 mm
Width 600 mm
Height 900 mm
Gross weight 100 kg

The unit is driven by 380 Volt. 1,1 KW 16AMP electrical motor, integrated to a 90Ltr/min SS316 vertical centrifugal pump. The unit is fitted with a 120ltr. Stainless steel tank integrated with a 3 KW Electrical heater. The unit is able to drive forward and reverse (change flow direction in pipe systems). The unit can be used in all pipe systems from ½” and upwards, and can handle a variety of liquids from portable water to industrial liquids within a very wide temperature, flow and pressure range. The (special) design ensures as standard that high pressure range is fitted with a high pressure shaft seal suitable for the most common high pressure applications.

Rental per day*

€ 81,00

*Please ask for a quotation on long term rentals.

Accessories and consumption materials should be expected.

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