Pump unit 312, 314, 315, 316, 317, 362


  • Variable controlled flow conditions
  • Variable controlled pressure options
  • Air / water separation is fitted as standard
  • Lubrication injection of air is fitted as standard
  • Skid mounted and framed in stainless steel

Safety features

  • Gauge for pressure control
  • Safety valve on air inlet to prevent overpressure is fitted as standard
  • Hydrochloric acid above 40% concentrate should not be pumped with this unit.

Capacity & performance

Max. working pressure 7 bar
Max. Suction lift (water) 7,6/4,5 m. wet/dry
Air pressure operating range 1,8 – 7 bar
Max. air consumption 0,793 N m3/min
Max free flow delivery 57 l/min
Max. temperature 65,5 °C

Weight & dimensions

Length 300 mm.
Width 260 mm.
Height 450 mm.
Gross Weight 10 Kg.

The diaphragm pump unit is powered by compressed air and is a 1:1 pressure ratio design. The diaphragm pump operates under balanced conditions during the discharge stroke, which allows the unit to be operated at discharge heads over 75 meters of water head. The pump is non-metallic and all seals and ball valves are made of Teflon overlay, which makes the pump excellent for operating with all kinds of high or low viscosity oils, acids and chemicals. The (special) design ensures that the flow variation range is controlled by an air pressure regulating valve and an air/water separator including injection of lubrication in the air flow, which secures a safe, reliable and efficient supply of liquid

Rental per day*

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*Please ask for a quotation on long term rentals.

Accessories and consumption materials should be expected.

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