• Integrated RDMS 3.0 software that allows you to do all the analysis and reporting directly on the RULER™ Tablet.
  • Built-in 5-megapixel camera can take a picture of your MPC patch
  • Built-in report template also provides space for integration of the MPC patch picture and comments

Safety features

  • IP 67 standards ensuring full protection in dusty environments and in up to a meter of water.
  • Tough yet beautiful Corning® Gorilla Glass
  • Weighs less than 1,3 kg. (10 kg suitcase)

Capacity & performance

Red Solution Turboprops & Aviation Turbines
Green Solution Hydraulics & Industrial Lubrications
Blue Solution Gas & Diesel Engines
Yellow Solutions Steam Turbines

Weight & dimensions

Length 500 mm
Width 400 mm
Height 200 mm
Gross weight 10 kg.

RULER View™ provides critical information on the health of your lubricant. Discover oxidation earlier than with any other technologies. The RULER View™ provides the full picture of a fluid's antioxidant additive health. This technology is a critical part of an effective condition monitoring program. In the past, indirect measurements of the fluid's antioxidants were taken. Tests such as RPVOT (ASTM D2272) measure the oxidative stability of the fluid inferring antioxidant levels. This technology has been shown to be less effective in today's complex formulations employing hydro-treated mineral oils and new antioxidant technologies. RULER View™ Test Solutions Various engineered RULER View™ Test Solutions allow you to test many different types of oils and applications. Our consistently high-quality test solutions ensure high instrument precision and repeatability

Rental per day*

€ 201,00

*Please ask for a quotation on long term rentals.

Accessories and consumption materials should be expected.

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