Tube Plugging Tool 450, 451, 452


  • Safe, simple, quick and reliable installation.
  • Causes no damage to adjacent tubes or tube sheet, because of the controlled installation force.
  • Reliable over the life of the heat exchanger under the most severe conditions.
  • Low installed cost when compared to welded, explosive or other mechanical plugs.

Safety features

  • Submitted to leak tests, blow out tests, deformation tests and breakaway tests.
  • EC type- Examination Statement.
  • Correct and simple sizing of the pipe, thanks to the gauge supplied in each kit.

Capacity & performance

Range 10-30 mm.
Air connections Cejn serie 320
The Testing Gun:
Supplies from 2,7 to 8,5 bar.
Air connections Cejn serie 320

Weight & dimensions

Installations Plug Gun Dimensions:
Length 620 mm.
Width 500 mm.
Height 350 mm.
Gross weight 30 kg.

IPCO PLUG are used in the heat exchangers to maintain a safe and leak-tight seal under the most severe conditions. The plugs are used in leaking tubes or as a preventive seal. The plugs are characterized by the simple, quick and especially safe installation, and the extreme durable character of the system. The Testing Gun set are used to find leaking heat exchangers tubes quickly and easy. It reveals even the smallest tube leak (pinholes). With the Tube Testing Gun set you can pneumatically test from 3 – 10 tubes pr. Min. all with significantly less operator fatigue and greater operator safety. The set comes complete with three rod and tube assemblies to test tubes from 7,2 – 32,5 mm. ID. 9000-450 Installations set 10-30 mm. 9000-451 Calibrations set 12-26,5 mm. 9000-452 Tube Testing Gun.

Rental per day*

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Accessories and consumption materials should be expected.

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