Water removal unit 134


  • It can be a fixed installations or mobile and is easy and economical to use.
  • Because of the design of the purifier, a wide range of opportunities for saving is provided.
  • Compatible with petroleum oils and those synthetic

Safety features

Capacity & performance

Inlet connection 1” BSP
Outlet connection 1” BSP
Circular Flow 20 ltr./min.
El-motor power 2,25 kW
Minimum / Maximum viscosity 12cSt / 700 cSt
Max pressure 7 bar
Norm operating vacuum - 0,8 bar G

Weight & dimensions

Length 1060 mm
Width 620 mm
Height 885 mm
Gross Weight 160 kg

The “OTS.021.HNP” portable purifier conditions hydraulic and lubricating fluids by removing water, dirt and gases. The Unit removes 100% of free water and as much as 80% of dissolved gases. Particulate removal is achieved using a 3 micrometer high beta rated (B3>200) “Ultifor III” filter element to polish the fluid before discharge back to the system reservoir.

Rental per day*

€ 176,00

*Please ask for a quotation on long term rentals.

Accessories and consumption materials should be expected.

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