RefurbishmentAn important part of the Ocean Team toolbox, are the liquids and chemicals used for performing refills, cleaning, lubrication, and preservation etc. In other words oil and lubricant refurbishment. In most tasks, these products are crucial for prolonging the life time of a system and lowering the chances of a system breakdown. According to all the experience we have gathered over the decades, we have found the best cleaning and lubrication products and modified the contents of these chemicals over time for improvements to results.

At, we have Ocean Team labelled products, some of which are even ingredients in our patented products. Examples of this are our grease replenish enabling flushing grease out of bearings, and our cleaning and conservation product 6C (Chemical Cleaner and Conservator for Contamination in Coolers and Converters). These products are made for oil refurbishment.

Ocean Team’s grease replenish and 6C products provide the best result by the process designed by Ocean Team’s engineers and this gives you high quality refurbishment of your oils and lubricants. Because of this, all the technical equipment and processing together with the products and abilities of our well trained technicians, are all parts of the service package provided by Ocean Team.

Ocean Team products have changed over time in cooperation with chemistry experts, oil companies, and consultants approving the changes that we choose to make. Our level of experience is confirmed by an extensive list of references including world leading industrial and/or energy companies operating on- and offshore in a wide range of different markets.

80% of all breakdowns in bearing systems are caused by dirty grease – either because the grease has low lubricity or unsuitable grease properties. Clean grease or grease that has undergone refurbishment prolongs bearing life and restores reliability, but only if the old, hardened and contaminated grease is thoroughly removed or decontaminated first. Ocean Team has, through the years, developed an efficient and patented method, which makes re-greasing of bearings much faster, safer and in general more efficient compared to normal procedures.

As one of the most important parts, the gearbox operates under extreme stresses and operating conditions. Its critical parts, bearings and gears, must be protected by a lubricating fluid free of any contaminants, this includes water. Only with the highest levels of cleanliness can the gearbox sustain for many years of operation under some of the most extreme conditions anywhere. Although the equipment and lubricating oil may be improved and designed to a maximum lifetime, the possibility of a need for oil conversion and/or refurbishment over the years can never be entirely eliminated.

Ocean Team has many years’ experience in oil conversion, refurbishment and flushing of geared and hydraulic blade-pitch and braking systems in all kinds of industrial systems. In wind turbines, gear oil can, with Ocean Team, be changed in just one single lifting operation. With Ocean Team’s oil conversion and flushing systems, the operation can be performed efficiently and safely for personnel, system and the environment.

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