Risk Handling

As a one-stop-shop providing solutions on oil, chemicals, and ultra sonic cleaning etc., we support our clients with proper risk assessment whenever needed for the job. Having decades of experience in the global offshore oil- and gas industry, we know the need of risk awareness and emergency plans.

As a part of this we are providing products and processes fulfilling e.g. OSPAR and offshore standards as specified in DNV 2.7.1. We are also providing spill kits and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) for oil and chemical work, as a part of a project.

Also, more obvious hazards of work at heights must be handled on certain sites, such as: crew transfers and boat landings, wind loads and thunderstorms, waves and current by offshore work, hoisting and helicopter transfer. Various sites conditions require e.g. GWO-training (Global Wind Organisation) or even BOSIET for helicopter transfer in addition to the technical training levels.

The global growth in wind industry leads to penetration in emerging markets being less political stable than used to in Europe, being the birth for modern wind industry. Political risks and even demilitarized zones may be 

geographical service areas for some of our global clients.

All this leads to risk assessments and risk handling being a part of the concept for Ocean Team Windcare as a global service provider in the renewable energy industry.

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