Technical Management

Our dedicated Windcare Team are having support by, -and close cooperation with, – our experienced colleagues in Ocean Team Group is also operating worldwide as supervisors and technical managers for international industry.

By Ocean Team Windcare we are providing consultancy services and project management as a one-stop-shop solutions for our clients.

The one-stop-shop solution for e.g. offshore oil conversion may include project planning and set-up, risk assessment, sufficient oil spill kit, oil supply, mobilization at the port, kick-off and coordination meetings, storage and oil handling, vessel management, review of technical procedures, oil filtration, oil conversion on gear and hydraulic systems, rinsing or flushing, analysing oil samples, decommissioning waste, demobilization from the port, project and product documentation, final project evaluation etc.

Ocean Team Windcares one-stop-shop service packages are designed to support operators production output, efficient fluid related services and reducing overall costs of energy by reduced amount of break downs.

Please note; 80% of all technical break downs are caused by contaminated fluid systems!

Contact Ocean Team Windcare to get the best solution for your application.


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