Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is the latest addition to the many services provided by Ocean Team. It is used to clean critical components and has been adopted by Ocean Team because it is simple, effective, and environmentally friendly.

When a component needs cleaning, it is placed in our ultrasonic cleaning bath filled with cleaning fluid. Ultrasound is then applied to the fluid, causing very effective cleaning. How does it work? The ultrasound causes pressure changes in the fluid, just like normal sound in air. This in turn leads to the formation of small bubbles (cavitations). The bubbles eventually implode and this is the key to effective cleaning. The implosion releases energy, like a shock wave, and this dislodges dirt from the surface of the component. Because the fluid is saturated with imploding bubbles, all surfaces covered by the fluid are effectively cleaned.

The ultrasonic cleaning bath used by Ocean Team can accommodate components of up to 1000x500x500 mm (39.3×19.7×19.7”) and can produce ultrasound of various amplitudes, ensuring the best possible cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning is suitable for complex components with out-of-reach areas where no other cleaning methods are appropriate. It thus completes the extensive program of services from Ocean Team which ensure “Total Purity” cleaning.