Vision & Local Partners

Vision & Local Partners

Ocean Team Group A/S

OTG is the holding company for the following subsidiaries mentioned below.

Ocean Team Scandinavia A/S

OTS represents the head quarter and supports customers world-wide. Scandinavia’s foundation dates back to 1982. Carsten Jensen takes over the company in 1993. Mr. Jensen is one of the founders of the Danish company Olesen & Jensen. With the employment of the current Managing Director, Jens Peder Thomsen, in 1995, Ocean Team Scandinavia, as we know it today, became a reality. Ocean Team Scandinavia has grown into a flagship and today their premises in Esbjerg houses OTG, OTS, OTP and OTW.

Ocean Team Windcare A/S

OTW Represents themselves locally and globally from the head quarter in Denmark. The subsidiary performs fluid care maintenance, and emergency rescues in wind turbine generators related to fluid systems. The services are available as turn-key projects or as rental of equipment.

Ocean Team Powertech A/S

OTP delivers the fluid-related services to 70% of powerplants in Denmark, expanding to neighboring markets. Marine vessels are serviced in dock and world-wide as is petrochemical refineries serviced with expert knowledge on fluids and chemicals using in-place equipment to service the industries.

Further agreements with Ocean Team Group of Companies

Ocean Team Group of Companies hold several corporate agreements of various types world-wide. As an example has IKM and Ocean Team Scandinavia entered into an MOU 2021. The companies follow the Oil & Gas market trend combining efforts to a more effective provision of a wide-ranged Special Maintenance Contracting services to the market.

Harbin Xinhua Control Engineering Co. Ltd /HXH Harbin in China have established an agreement with OTG. The Chinese company provides products, services, and comprehensive solution e.g., within hydraulic control, industrial monitoring and purification. The common agreement pertains the services of OTW subsidiary.

Aussie Fluid Care, Australia (AFP) provides hydraulic and process solutions to ensure smooth performance from equipment used by their oil & gas, mining and marine clients. AFP engineers and technicians design, test, install, service and supply the latest equipment motion and control technologies systems. The agreement related specifically to Ocean Team Windcare’s unique grease replenish technology and potentially OTS’ patented Super Critical CO2 technology might be added to an agreement.


Ocean Team Qatar W.L.L.  (2007-2016)

OTQ represented OTS services to countries in the middle East region sponsored by Petrotec, performing construction and contracting with +25 years of experience. Co-servicing nationwide (Qatar) with Petrotec OTQ was involved in service and maintenance of the petro-chemical industry specialized in hazardous substances. Today, OTQ acts as a technical partner to OTS.

Ocean Team Fluidcare India Pvt. Ltd.(2014-2016)

OTI represented the geographical area of India and was a joint venture between Ocean Team Group and entrepreneurs managingOm Triple R India Pvt. Ltd. The Indian company provided start-to-end cleaning solutions in cooperation with Triple R Overseas Corp. of Japan; World-leaders in bypass oil-filtration systems with patented filter designs.

Ocean Team Mexico S.A. (2012-2018)

OTM represented OTS in the geographical area of Mexico and was a joint venture between Ocean Team Group and the local company Arechiga (Tabasco since 1985). Experienced in the oil industry, development and maintenance of oil infrastructures was their core activities as deployed through their subsidiaries in Veracruz, Chiapas and Campeche.

 Ocean Team Fluidcare UK Ltd.  (2015 – to present day)

OTFUK represented OTS services from our office in Aberdeen. The locally placed General Manager served as a personal connection and technical consultant to the client. OTFUK primarily managed services related to contaminated fluid carrying systems in the oil & gas offshore, refineries, marine and power industries. The company is still existing and represented by a neutral and independent consultant.

Oceant Team EspãnaS.L. (2008 to present day)

OTE represented Ocean Team Scandinavia’s services to the Iberian Peninsula. The subsidiary was 80% OTG owned. The company is under closure proceedings.